Author    Artist    Designer 

Andy has had a life-long love of great stories and artistic expression. This passion guided him to study Animation at Sheridan College and Capilano University. In his heart Andy has always been a classical artist. Loving to draw, paint and sculpt. Now it's his passion to craft stories that parents can trust and truly enjoy reading together with their children.

Author  •  Artist  •  Designer

Authored and illustrated ten children's books  

Edited text,  illustrated and digitally painted all artwork, designed final page layout and exported print ready files 

Oversaw production of promotional and informational videos 

Responsible for video design, storyboard, information gathering, audio and graphic elements, recording, video editing and final delivery 

Animated two seasons of children’s television show 

worked from storyboards, gather digital assets, assembled scene, animated to storyboards, rendered and delivered finals


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